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Pad Preparation

When ordering your perfect portable building, you want to think about the route the shed will take to reach its final destination. Consider the obstructions we may encounter when delivering your building. Think power lines, trees, shrubs, and fences. (We offer on-site builds if we cannot get to your site due to obstructions).

Once you have determined that your building will be able to reach it's site, you want to think about preparing a foundation for your shed. Several options you may consider are: Concrete pad, a pad built with patio blocks, and a packed gravel pad. 

We think preparing a level, packed gravel pad is the best and most economical option. This decreases ground shifting and helps moisture drain away. This also maximizes the buildings life. 

It is important for your building pad to be level. This will prevent your shed from twisting (especially important for large buildings), and keep your shed door and windows functioning properly.

In case you do not have a prepared pad ready, our delivery drivers carry concrete blocks with them for leveling purposes.

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