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10x16 Portable Building Workshop and Storage Shed


Insulated and Finished Interior
Highly Customizable
Most of our buildings can be turned into a WorkSHOP! We simply take a building, insulate it, then finish the interior, giving you a turnkey building that can be heated or cooled.

Our Work Shops can fill any need when a finished space is required. That could be a wood shop, an art studio, or an office space? How about a guest house in the backyard that can power a heater or air conditioner?  How will you use your WorkSHOP?

Our Workshops come with an interior that is finished with a choice of 1/2" Plywood, SmartSide, or 5/8" Tongue & Groove Pine, completed with trim around the doors, windows, and baseboard. Additional options you can select are:

  • spray foam or fiberglass insulation in the walls and ceiling

  • choice of three Electrical Packages to suit any budget and need

  • baseboard heater

Other options may be available upon request. We are always happy to discuss your special project.

For pricing see our 3D Designer as there are many styles and sizes available.

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